What to Consider When Looking for Public Domain Images Free

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Public domain images free are photos, vectors or clips which are not copyrighted or whose copyrights have expired. These materials are freely accessible to the public and can be utilized both for personal and commercial purposes. There are so many stock photos that have been released online from various entities for free usage by anybody. This article explains the factors that need to be considered before deciding to use any of these photos.


The purpose of the photo should guide to know which photo meets your requirement. For instance, if your goal is to illustrate a sad moment, do not use an image displaying happiness unless you want to demonstrate some contrast. Choosing the right image can enhance your work and people will be interested in it.


The public image must be relevant to your works. The good thing about public images is that they are so many, but in spite of this advantage, it is difficult for most people to choose a photo which is relevant to what they are doing. If you’re faced with this situation, it is essential to appoint a good librarian or photographer specialist to assist you. Some websites have thematically categorized their photos; it pays to choose the photo you want from the category that is in line with your theme.

Terms and Conditions of Usage

Some of the images have specific terms and conditions for their usage. For example, some require attribution while others are entirely free. You should never download any photos before you read and understand terms and conditions. Go through the fine print, and you will be good to go.

Your Budget

The budget you have dictates whether to go for free photos or paid ones. Always remember that free or cheap is expensive because quality will be compromised. If you have enough resources, you should create your photos but if you lack, go the public domain image way.

Best Places to download free images for commercial uses

There are a variety of photos online for usage but what you need to remember is that these images are copyrighted, and their owners can sue you if you use them without their knowledge. But in spite of this huddle, there are plenty of websites that offer free photos for the members of the public using public domain image law. Any member of the public is free to use these images free of charge without any restrictions. To give you a clue on how to get these photos, this article will list and explain five sites where you can download free images for either commercial or personal purposes.

download free images

  • EveryStockPhoto

This site has plenty of images from various photographers. It has the best and easy to use navigation features which will help you get the best photos. Though their pictures are free, it is essential to check the terms and conditions of every photo before using it.

  • Flickr

Flickr has plenty of photos including both free and licensed ones. Though their photos are offered free, it is important to check the terms and conditions of each picture before usage. This is because some owners of these images need attribution. Their fantastic search function allows the user to go through photos faster.

  • IM Free

This is a site that you need to visit to get plenty of materials including photos free of charge. Their pictures are given under public domain free clause, and anybody is free to download them for both commercial and personal use.

  • Dreamstime

This site collects best photos from creative commons sites and stores them. In this regard, it has the best pictures compared to the other sites. The user, however, needs to register with them and ensure that they read terms and conditions of each photo before downloading them.

  • New Old Stock

Are you looking for those fantastic vintage photos? This is the platform to use, and they are free of copyright restrictions. They are mostly in black and white and the best if you need something from public archives to give your site or blog a vintage look.


There are many platforms to find public domain images for free. Now you know what to consider before you decide to use any of them. They are safe to use as long as you can prove they are free and no one owns them. It is possible to find high-quality pictures, and you can change how your website or blog looks without spending money. Remember always to confirm that any restrictions no longer tie them. Remember, you are very likely to find the image you want from the platforms listed above. You no longer need to take pictures by yourself; most of them are taken and uploaded to these photo sites. The free images help you grow, and you can use other tools online to edit and modify them for the perfect look.

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