What Are the Benefits of Creative Commons Images?

Creative Commons Images

The saying, a picture says a thousand words are true for those who want to enrich their content with photos. But in spite of this knowledge, many people find it difficult to get images that they can use to enrich their works. If you need this kind of help, worry no more: creative common images are plenty on various websites and can assist you in enriching your work.

But before going far, it is essential to give you an explanation of what Creative Commons Images are. This is a license that gives members of the public freedom to use, distribute and share content but credit the photographer. The author of such works has surrendered their copyright rights to the public. This is what gives the public freedom to use such works freely without having to worry about copyright infringement.  This article discusses the benefits of creative common images.

a) Technological Advancement

With technological advancement, artists who want to enrich their content have plenty of such works on the various websites. This means that you do not have any reason for producing boring content without adding any images to make it attractive to your audience.

b) Saves Resources

One significant thing of Creative Commons license is that you don’t use any resources to get them. They are readily available in different platforms that may also include restricted images. All you need is to check the license of each image before you download it. This means that your expenditure is cut which is a good thing for your venture. The most important thing is to search for a site that has the relevant images released under this license, which will enrich your themes.

c) Content Enrichment

Creative Commons images allow you to creatively and artistically enrich your work. You won’t have any reason why your work is boring with plenty of with so many free license images available online found on the internet. You only need to select the relevant images that suit your situation keenly.

Don’t Get Lost When Looking for creative commons images – Best Sources to Find Them

It doesn’t matter if you have your own blog, a professional website or if you’re a journalist there has probably been a time when you were in a crunch trying to find some images to go with your written content. However, when you need those images to go on your public website, that means that you need to make sure you are actually licensed to use them so that you are not breaking any laws and getting yourself in trouble without knowing it. In those cases what you need to be looking for are creative commons images and in today’s article we are actually going to talk to you about a few great places where you can go and find them.


This is an excellent resource not just for images, but also for clip art, vector art, icons and symbols that are all under the creative commons license. One of the best features that come with this website is the fact that they allow you to edit any image in a drawing program that is browser-based. You can use this handy tool or you can simply modify the source code which is a very easy way for you to change the colors of the elements. This is perfect because there is no “paint bucket” tool included.

creative commons images


If you are looking for a large collection of creative commons images that are all high-resolution and can be used for personal and commercial purposes, then this is the place for you. The best thing about this website is the fact that everyone that uploads on it has to agree to a term that states that the work is completely theirs and original and this means that there is zero risk for you to be using an image that was posted by someone else than the creator of it.

Creative Commons Search

This isn’t really a direct source for images that are under the creative commons license, but what it is, is an interface that you can use in order to find other websites that host free media of this kind. When you use this tool, all of the CC licensing filters will be automatically applied which means that every source the tool gives you will only have images and other media under that license.

Final Thoughts

Free images with copyright free license help you create great content without any ethical or legal issues. The search is easy as these images are available on many platforms and you can get amazing pictures to incorporate in your work. A simple search will land you on these photos, and no cost is involved. All you may be asked to do credit the photographer, and you can use the images commercially and enjoy all the benefits above and much more. Finally, remember that making sure you are using images under the right license is key when working with public websites, so taking the time to make sure you are is always a good idea. The sources that we mentioned above are the perfect place for finding some incredible creative commons images, so make sure you check them out.

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