Is It Really Good or Bad to Use Royalty Free Images on Your Website?

Free Images on Your Website

When you are building your website, one of the most important elements are the images that you use because they are the ones that are going to help you keep every person that lands on your website entertained and make them want to keep exploring it. Since images can be very expensive when you work with a professional photographer, a lot of people prefer to use royalty free images, and while this can be a solid solution for a time, there are also some disadvantages to using images like these on your websites. Today we are going to talk a little bit more about some of the advantages and disadvantages of using these types of images on your website, so keep on reading.

They have a low or no cost

As we mentioned before, professional photographers can cost you a lot of money and probably the best thing about using royalty free pictures is the fact that they have a very low cost or they can even be free. When working with these images you will definitely have to spend some time finding exactly what you need and you may even need to do a bit of editing, that all of that is still a better option than paying thousands for photographers or graphic designers.

Another brand could be using the same royalty free pictures as you

One of the biggest disadvantages about royalty free images is the fact that there is no way for you to be granted exclusive usage rights for the images which means that there is a very real chance for another brand to use the very same images on their own website. This isn’t really a huge problem, but what it does is it diminishes the credibility of your website and there is very little space for uniqueness which can be a problem if you want people to remember your brand.

You can still get really high quality

A great thing about all of the websites that have royalty free pictures is the fact that they have set a minimum standard for the quality of the entries that they allow to get onto their archives. While it may be difficult to find the perfect image that fits your style, you can definitely be sure that the quality of the image will be top notch.

While using royalty free images can be very effective, there is no denying that they bring some disadvantages as well. It is up to you to decide whether those advantages outweigh the disadvantages and see if you want to take your chance and use royalty free pictures to help you enhance your own website.

Places to Find Royalty Free Images

Usage of certain commercial items attracts a fee. This fee is paid once and covers a specific period. Before the time elapses, the user can use this item as many times as possible. The agreed paid for the usage of these items is what is known as royalty. Royalty Free means that the user pays this royalty fee once and uses the image as many times as possible without being subjected to any additional payments for the usage of the item. In this article, we discuss various websites and sources of Royalty Free images.

Free Images

Getty Images

This is an American Stock photo supplier targeting various consumers. Its main clients are media, corporate world and advertisers. They have high-resolution images perfect for high-end projects.

Negative space

This site has new photos uploaded by photographers. Its images are downloaded free of charge under creative commons zero clauses. Furthermore, it is simple to filter through their photo gallery and get the photos you want. Their extensive stock of photos has most images that you may be looking for.

Death to Stock

It offers free photos monthly to people who have submitted their email addresses.  There is a premium membership fee of $15 for those willing to subscribe. This is perfect for website designers and marketers who are always looking for images regularly.


This is an ideal site for those who want to spruce up their websites and blogs with photos. They stock many photos because new ones are uploaded daily.


This site receives new photos fortnightly from photographer Ed Gregory. It has photos of various categories like landscaping, technology and animals. You are very likely to find images to meet your needs.


This site has high-resolution photos featuring various themes like animals, people and landscaping.  The images can be used by anybody without any restrictions.  The site belongs to Karolina who requests that you give credit to her photos whenever you use them.

Start-up stock photos

Photos on this website can be freely be used by anybody in any profession in spite of the website’s name. However, start-ups find the favourable because most images are free and without restrictions.


Royalty free images are a treasure that every business owner needs at one time. The best thing is that you can find them without incurring any cost.

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