How to Use Creative Commons Images to Spice up A Boring Website

Commons Images

If you are the owner of an online site or blog, you have probably at one point found it boring and wondered how to spruce it. You know that photos can cause the dazzling look that most people cannot resist. But, how do you find creative commons images for free? Of course, you do not want to use pictures that you have to pay for. Every business would like to reduce expenses and enhance its profitability.

The fantastic stock photos with the kind of images you would want to watch are costly as photographers wish to have their royalties paid. It is illegal to get images or copy without paying for them. You will be caught as there are different ways for image owners to know when someone uses their pictures online. You also need to know that those photos you get from CNN or other media outlets can come with intellectual property problems associated with posting another person’s images on your website.

What are Creative Commons?

This is a non-profit organization that gives you a solution when looking for creative work to use on your site or any other project.  This web provides you with free tools that help artists, scientists, authors and educators to mark any of their creative work and add the freedom that would like to have.  With CC you can easily copyright terms; if it was “All Rights Reserved”, it can be changed to “Some Rights Reserved”.

Creative Commons images come with different standard “licenses” given by the owner and they govern how the images can b reused without going against intellectual property laws. The most common license in Common Creative is “Attribution”, which means you allow other people distribute, copy, perform and display their copyrighted work, but you must credit just the way the request you.

What Does It Mean?

Creative Commons means you have a virtual rich treasure of photos for free that you can use in your website. They are found on different sites including Flickr. All you need is check the CC section, which is on the home page, in the footer and you will see hundreds of images that you can reuse.

You can choose the Creative Commons images to rejuvenate and pimp your website. If you can comply with Creative Commons’ license, you are free to use any pictures that you find perfect for your site.  The free available images will bring the change you need to transform your business. Creative Commons has made great photos available legally.

Guide to find great creative commons images in 2020

We all remember being in school, making school projects and just filling it up with amazing images that we found online. And while that was a very easy thing to do and it worked out perfectly in the end, when working with public websites things just aren’t as easy as that. Simply performing a search online and using whatever images come up is really bad because you risk stealing someone else’s work so the safest thing that you can do is go directly to sources that will give you creative commons images that you will be able to use on any public forum that you want to. Today we are going to give some great recommendations for sources just like that, so definitely make sure to keep reading until the end.

creative commons images

Regardless of whether you are looking for stock images or clip art, despite of the name that sounds pretty spammy, this is still a great source for you to check out. The one thing that you need to remember when using this website is the fact that each image is licensed individually so you should make sure to scroll down on the image’s page and see if it has the right kind of license.

Open Clip Art Library

You may have seen some the OCAL images on Clker, but if you want to see everything that they can offer you, you should definitely check out their website. On the site you will find a variety of clip art options and images and while no images are censored on the website, they do ask up-loaders to mark them as potentially offensive. You can also install the OCAL on your pc and use it online if you want to, but you need to keep in mind that the offline collection hasn’t been updated since 2010 so won’t be getting the full scope.

Flickr Creative Commons

Even though Flickr is fairly popular, something that a lot of people don’t know is that there is also a creative commons images section on it. The photos are all user submitted and there are over 200 million photos and other kind of graphics under the CC license. Since some of the images are under some other types of licenses, they have made sure that you can browse the images by license as well as see the most recent uploads and you can even search for a particular license.

When working with public forums making sure you are using images, or any kind of content for that matter, which has the right kind of license is essential. We hope you will take the time to check out the recommendations we gave you above because we are sure you are going to get the best creative commons images using them.

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