Amazing Companies That Offer Free License Images

Free License Images

Stock image agencies sell their photos under the royalty-free license. The consumer is required to pay once and use the photos without any restrictions. It is important to note that the buyer is only granted the right to use the photos multiple times but not ownership rights. The retention of this license enables the photograph to keep selling and generate more income.

The main function of stock agencies is to sell licenses to the buyers of these photos who have the right to use the images many times but lack ownership rights. The income generated from selling these licenses is split and shared between the image creator and stock agencies. This article will point out and explain five main stock agency companies where you can get your images from.

StockPhotoSecret Shop

This agency stocks more than 4 million affordable photos for companies interested in buying free royalty photos.  It has flexible yearly subscriptions, extended licenses and extra photos. Their photos are affordable and great.


This is one of the biggest agencies offering RF images. Their stock is more than 200 million, and they upload over 800 thousand daily.


This agency is owned by Gretty which is one of the premier photo agencies in the world. They collect amazing photos that cannot be found in any other stock agency company.

Adobe stock

Their collection of a significant volume of photos that are integrated into their system for remixing is impressive. They have the latest Adobe Cloud which makes their process of redesigning very simple.


They stock a wide variety of photos which are in high demand. They are flexible in pricing and offer royalty-free stock photos. They occasionally provide free images or highly discounted ones to their clients.


Where to Download Free Images for Your Site

As we explain you before, images are used along with articles on blogs and websites to make the site not only more attractive but to boost its ranking on various search engines. However, photos play many roles when they are used in websites. These days, you don’t need to be a good photographer to get excellent images on your site, since many websites offer photos that suit your needs. Some of these websites sell these photos while others give you the images for free. Nonetheless, finding free images online can prove to be a hard task as most of the sites that claim to provide you with the images for free have unfavorable terms. Some do not want you to use their images for commercial purposes. Some require you to first ask for permission, or attribution before you can use their images. Some site also may have poor quality images which may not work well for your e-commerce site. That observed, worry not as in this article you will know some of the best sites to get free images download.

Download Free Images

Freerange Stock

This site requires one to first register for an account before they can download free images for their websites. The registration process is not only easy, but it is free as well. It allows one to use their images for commercial purposes; therefore you can use the downloaded photos on your website, videos, books, as well as commercial presentations.

You sign up with Freerange for free and have access to thousands of high-quality stock photos. They are just a button away and all for free. You are permitted to use the images for commercial use or personal projects. If you contribute at Freerange, you earn from revenues from Google Adsense. This photo site is a sister to Vintage Stock photos that specializes in providing vintage pictures only.

The Open Photo Project

This is a photo-sharing platform that was created in 1998 by Michael Jastremski. The platform is targeted towards teachers, students as well as developers. The contribution of images is offered under CC license. The platform comes with a simple and plain interface and users can find photos with ease.

This platform is also among the best places to download images for your site.  It has more than 350,000 images comprising of amazing free textures. A user needs not to register with the site before they can use their images. It is well designed, allowing for easy access of images, and it has a section for Photoshop tutorials that covers the basics of photo manipulation.


Pixabay is a very pretty solid site for downloading images for websites. Pixabay images are all licensed under CC0 license, meaning that one can use the photos for commercial purpose. It is the -profit organization Creative Commons that released the CC0 license. The site adds more than 1500 images every day. These photos are not only new but they are also of high definition quality. Currently, the site has more than 10,000 images in store.


Flickr is worth being included in the list of the best online platforms to download free images for use in your e-commerce store. The site has a huge database of free, and anytime you need to accompany your article with a beautiful photo, finding one from this site is very easy. A user needs to visit Creative Commons category then search for an image. Images come in different sizes letting you download a copy that suits your purpose.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons has one of the most extensive databases on the net. It has more than 15 million images for free. They also have videos as well as sounds. Search can be conducted in a number of criteria including location, source, and topic. You are free to copy, use or modify Wikimedia Commons’ files as you please. However, before you do so, it is always vital to follow the licensing terms of every file to know what you are allowed to do with it.


Finding free license images is simple. Check online and take time to if an image has any restrictions before you download it. You do not want to be sued for copyright infringement.

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