7 Awesome Tips for Marketing on Shopify

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Anyone who runs a store on Shopify knows this well: Especially if you started from scratch, marketing on Shopify could be a very slow process, even frustrating. As a store owner, why not use these seven awesome tips for marketing your business on Shopify successfully? Within a short time, you can have thousands of visitors freely flocking your website.

7 Tips to Market Your Store

  1. Launch a Sale

Who would not love to make some handsome sales? If you are in doubt, try to ask Amazon. They scooped a whopping $3.75 billion sale on just one Black Friday! Why is it that the technique of launching sales actually work? Well, it’s all simple: The customers get a heightened sense of urgency when a sale is announced. Who wants to miss out on a bargain anyway? After all, bargains don’t last long.

Many times people are not ready to make unplanned- for purchases. What with the harsh economic times in most parts of the world? With a sale, however, you can quickly turn things around. You will cleverly convert even customers who were initially less inclined to make purchases. And what is the great trick? You just need to get the first few customers under the belt.

Try and use the advanced features found in Shopify to learn how to plan for discounts in your Shopify store. After this, you can use Facebook ads to promote further sales.

  1. Email and Newsletters

Is it any wonder that successful entrepreneurs like Neil Patel confess that email is the best marketing channel that anyone can use to make sales? Indeed, email beats many other ways as a marketing trick. Email marketing is the greatest way to find repeat customers. With it, you can drive your sales continuously. Often, people on particular email lists happen to be the most engaged clients for a marketer. Actually, these are the people who will most probably buy from you. How can you start out? Whenever a buyer purchases a product from you, make sure you collect his email address. After this, add a sign-up form in the right place on your website. In case other customers aren’t prepared to buy from you, this will likely capture them.

  1. Link with Influencers

This trick is also simple; make a list of people who are influencers in your business niche. You can then send them a friendly email. If possible, include a free product in the email. It is often tricky to discover how best you can start. When you do not have a large audience, even blogging or updating your social media can seem to be of no use.

Who are influencers? These are people or websites with a big online following. You just need to make one post on Instagram or Twitter about your product. This can easily build that badly needed first audience by sending a flood of traffic directed to your website.

Be aware that sometimes influencers may ask for a fee to agree to promote your product. In fact, if that particular influencer has followers over a million, you may be asked to pay tens of thousands of dollars. However, some business has made a fortune after paying such fees, gaining several times what they invested.

  1. Instagram Audience

If you are just starting out on Shopify and trying to create a presence online, then Instagram is the way to go. Of course, it’s equally important, in the fullness of time, to have an all-round online presence. But at the outset, it’s highly advisable to put all your energy into a platform like this.

Why is this the case? It just happens that users of Instagram are often more active, more responsive and more engaged compared to Facebook or Twitter. Facebook can be especially limiting. Their algorithm is designed to prevent you from reaching the full audience unless you pay for it.

 Instagram, on their part, actually allows you to reach a larger audience. You can even use a ‘buy-now’ button. It features next to each post. This is more than a perfect provision, very useful for Shopify store owners! You can post great images of your merchandise or products. After this, strive to interact closely with users of Instagram in your niche. This will likely increase your following a great deal.

  1. Start a Shopify Blog

Are you alive to the great power of blogging? Statistics show that 61% of buyers have made purchases online based on a blog they read. This suggests that blogging is truly the most powerful content that online store owners can use to get ahead in business.

Further statistics indicate that stores that blog command 97% more of inbound links. This alone is vital for your ranking on Google. This fact is not in doubt: written content will help attract many new customers to your website. A blog helps you connect with clients or potential clients. It ensures that as a business you will eventually grow the brand affinity, nudging potential clients towards making big purchases.

Of course, it can be challenging to prepare this content. However, start by making one post in a single week. Ensure that the post resonates well with the target audience. The content can be a round-up post, a product review, or a list article.

  1. Facebook Advertising

All these techniques that are already discussed are superb, but they have a downside: They can be slow to bring results. Yes, connecting with influencers, using social media or blogging all require time to produce significant results. If you wanted to get really fast traffic, then you need a quick fix for that. Advertising provides this badly needed quick fix.

In actual sense, Facebook ads are the most simple and quite effective. The algorithm in place allows you to target a truly incredible niche audience. You can do this using personal interests, age or location as key factors. Facebook ads provide the best channel to put your products right before the target customers. However, while trying this, take reasonable caution. In the initial stages, you need to experiment with a smaller budget.  When you start seeing good results in terms of conversion rates, then you will know it’s time to increase the budget.

  1. Use the Real World! 

It is possible to carry your store to the real world using Shopify. You just need a Shopify POS card reader. Once you do this, you can take your goods right before the physical customers. You can even request your local boutique store to find out if they can place some of your products in their store.


The quickest way to succeed in running a thriving online business is by Shopify marketing. At first, all this might seem daunting. However, be sure that you will quickly learn the ropes and pick up. Use the seven awesome tips above to attain great success in your Shopify business.

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